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Coloured Renders (k Rend)

A popular product which we apply 1000's of m2 to residential and commercial buildings each year. K Rend is a through coloured render - therefore no painting is required. K Rend is also highly waterproof as it has silicone properties. Being a breathable render it can also help solve damp problems in properties which have no cavity or condensation problems. We are recommended applicators of K Rend.

There are also other options for a through coloured render such as Weber, Parex, STO and S.A.S.

If you are interested in having your property rendered give us a call or use our contact us page. One of our friendly staff will be happy to arrange a free site visit to discuss colours, costs and the best system for your property and budget.

We also have samples small and large, colour test panels can also be applied on site.

Thin Coat Renders

Thin-coat acrylic and silicone renders are especially suitable for larger projects, and due to their flexible properties are ideal for refurbishment projects with existing surface cracking. The specialist render composition allows application to brick, block, concrete formwork, and even timber framed buildings.

Colours can be blended to order and the render is available in a range of finishes and aggregate sizes. Thin coat renders also have unique “self cleaning” properties which make them very low maintenance.

External wall insulation (EWI)

External wall insulation has become a proven way to cut down on heating bills and reduce carbon emissions in the UK as a lot of Britain’s homes are of solid wall construction. Any home owner of a solid wall property can benefit from the installation of an EWI system. Not only does having the External Wall Insulation system help in reducing heating bills, but it will also dramatically improve the appearance and kerb appeal of the property.

The Rendering Process

What can you expect if you decide to have you property rendered by RendWise?

  • Depending on access to the site or property a scaffolding may need to be erected.
  • Prior to any works commencing all windows are protected with a special film, or if necessary plywood. The surrounding work area will also to be protected.
  • Removal of existing render can then take place - we always recommend removing any existing render as the new rendering will only be as good as its base.
  • Any necessary repairs are carried out to the underlying surface which is then sealed.
  • An appropriate base coat will then be applied and given adequate drying time.
  • UPVC beads are installed around openings and where the render stops. Once the base coat is fully dried the top coat of render can be applied.
  • If old downpipes were in a bad state new downpipes and soil stack will be installed.
  • On completion all windows doors and the surrounding work area will be left clean and tidy.

The above outlines the process for having a property rendered with exsisting render. If you would like to discuss having a timber framed building rendered or any other property please give us a call and we will discuss your various options.

The rendering process in action


  • Wide range of colours and textures
  • Low maintenance
  • Natural looking finish
  • Water resistant
  • Allows building to breathe

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